Aptitude and Attitude, the perfect combination to achieve your goals.
This Sports Coaching program consists of theoretical-practical individual interviews and group workshops which allow the participants to discover and overcome mental and emotional aspects that can influence them to reach a certain objective.

Our indoor workshop is specially designed with exercises and interactive dynamics, offering a chance to rediscover abilities, to be aware of the limiting factors interfering in the process and helping find whatever is necessary to move forward both in sports as well as personally.
Module I:
Indoor clinic (2 hours).
This workshop is based on innovative tools based on visual stimuli. Representing a unique opportunity for PAUSE and reflection.
Module II:
Individual Diagnosis (45 minutes)
The individual sessions are designed to strengthen what was done during the group workshop. It allows participants to prepare a diagnosis of which strengths to support and which weaknesses to work on. This would be used by the participant, together with the coach, to achieve an integrated training program.
Module III:
Outdoor clinic (2 hours)
The concepts learned during the indoor clinic and individual sessions are put into practice with new and convenient strategies that will be developed to help participants reach their goals.
Module IV:
Individual session to evaluate results: (45 minutes)