A different way of Coaching.
A blend of Ontological Coaching and scientific methodologies based on high-impact visual stimuli, such as Points of You tools, allows to create bridges of communication, breaking down paradigms and achieving safe and trustful interpersonal encounters.

The accelerated times we are living in, require a pause for reflection. This opportunity of exploration and personal introspection from new perspectives, represent the essence of a profound work that will lead us to an authentic dialogue with ourselves.

In a simple and effective way, through didactic dynamics, we address complex issues such as leadership, teamwork and future challenges that are applicable to areas such as: corporate, politics, sports, personal lives, etc.

Creative workshops for inspiration, learning and development

1- AVK workshops, leads participants through a very simple and clarifying structure, to an unexpected but precise understanding of their strengths, weaknesses and what they need to achieve their goals as well as analyze any dilemma from a closer perspective

2- Our workshops are distinguished by the use of high impact tools which help people to broaden their perspective going beyond their linear thinking, thus challenging and surpassing their own structures.

3- Most participants obtain significant benefits in a short time as a result of the "insights" that occur during the workshops.

4- This kind of encounter consists in an interactive activity developed under a friendly and relaxing atmosphere that promotes introspection and genuine dialogue. It is designed in such a way that can engage both small and large groups (10 - 500 people).

5- These workshops, represents a pause for reflection, something that is essential for personal and professional growth.

Who participates in this workshop?

Any person or team that would like to solve a dilemma or achieve a goal, anybody that wants to make a change from bad to good, or from good to better.


• Team building: How to work with others in an effective way
• Creativity: surpass structures and creates new opportunities
• Communication: Generates authentic dialogue
• Sales: Improves outcomes
• Education: Improves interaction and generates open mindedness
• Competency: develops new skills
• Leadership: Rediscovers the essence of their power
• Human values: Incorporates values in personal and professional projects
• Fundraising : inspires the willingness to cooperate
• And other needs of any kind